Why Count

“Counting people and vehicle’s allows the Management team of a shopping centre or retailer to set Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), which is crucial in today’s modern economic climate.”



1. Conversion Rates

Our systems allow you to determine the number of people who enter the store/centre actually make a purchase.

Sales (transactions/footfall) x 100 = Conversion rate.

2. Measuring the impact of Marketing

Many businesses’ spend large budgets on advertising campaigns, but without a people and vehicle counting system installed, the marketing department are never sure how effective the campaign has been. The sales transactions may have increased, but has it increased the conversion rate. Is the retailer/shopping centre targeting the correct regions or countries?

3. Comparing Multiple Sites

From 2 sites to thousands of sites, understanding the factors that affect the performance of each site can be determined by use of our reporting service. You may have a few sites performing similar in terms of sales, but the conversion rate could good in some, whilst under your set target in other sites. Comparison will help you understand your stores better, to enable you to make improvements for the future.

4. Comparing Trends over Time

To understanding if you are achieving your KPI’s, comparing the data from our reporting service can enable you to get a clearer picture of trends over time, year on year comparisons, conversion rate, average spend per visit etc. You can identify iwhat changes are needed or if changes that have already been implemented are working effectively.

5. Staffing

People Counting Systems allows shopping centres, retailers etc. to optimise resource planning, by ensuring the correct number of staff are working at the right place and right times. This in turn helps to increase the sales conversion rate, maximise customer service, reduce queue waiting times and lost opportunities.