Town Centres

“Town Centres need footfall traffic metrics if they are to compete with the large out of town shopping developments so popular today”

For many years visitors to our town centres dwindled as they migrated to the new out of town shopping centres. Thankfully this trend has been halted as most Towns and City centres have undergone modernisation and are re-vitalised. To fully exploit the returning visitors automated counting systems provide accurate metrics to assist in evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, the impact of street venders and popup shops etc. The data is also very useful for town planning.

The benefits of Town Centre Traffic Counting

  • Accurate visitor numbers
  • Effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Site performance analysis
  • Regional performance comparison
  • Targeted cleaning schemes
  • Town Planning

Tailored Solution

Tasman can provide a complete wide range of solutions to fulfil your counting requirements. Pedestrian traffic can be monitored by accurate Thermal or Stereo cameras if suitable mounting locations are available. If suitable mounting locations are not available we have other products that can give good traffic flow trends, which may be acceptable. Cars entering car parks can be counted by our proven road loop technology, or if a more detailed picture of you customers is required we can install an ANPR system. This could provide additional information such as Length of stay, frequency of visits, and in some countries where your customers are travelling from. All data can be remotely collected and streamed into your existing IT system or viewed via our Web based reporting solution.