Shopping Centers

“The days when you guessed how many shoppers you had over the weekend by how how full the bins are on a Monday are long gone”

Shopping Centres were some of the first to see the benefits of counting people entering their centres, to set rents and gauge the response to advertisement campaigns.

Footfall counting is now recognised as a vital tool to maximise revenue and in managing site facilities. The latest systems can be administered remotely to guarantee optimum accuracy at all time.

Services for Shopping Centres

  • People counting at Entrances
  • Retail store footfall counters
  • Mall flow counting
  • Car counting
  • ANPR systems
  • Facilities monitoring

Tailored Solution

Tasman can provide a complete solution for all your Shopping Centre footfall counting requirements. A basic system would only count the main entrances into the centre. However additional data could be gathered by monitoring mall flows, transitions between floors, car park levels etc. Cars can can also be counted entering the car park or an ANPR system could be installed to provide a complete more counting solution.

To obtain the full metric data for calculating you KPIs the footfall into every retail unit could be counted. This allows for additional metrics like Conversion rates, Average Spend per Visit, Like for Like brand comparison, brand contribution etc. be calculated.