Tasman can provide a complete solution for all your counting requirements.
The resulting count data can be fed into your existing IT or Epos system,
or we can provide a complete web based reporting solution.

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People Counting

Tasman can provide a complete solution for all your counting requirements.

Retail stores can be fitted with the latest state of the art counter detection

products to ensure reliable and very accurate count data is provided.

Shopping centres and Outlet Centres can benefit from the same technology

installed at the entrances and key traffic flow points in the malls.

  • Accurate KPI Metrics
  • Marketing campaign Validation
  • Staff level optimisation
  • Store performance analysis
  • Store to Store comparison
  • Regional performance analysis

“Counting visitors is the most important tool available to Retailers.”

Car Counting

Vehicles entering parking areas can be counted as part of a complete footfall

counting solution, or as a standalone system with remote data collection.

This solution is ideal for retail parks, parks and visitor attractions etc. where it is

Not possible to count the footfall at entrances or in individual stores.

Live count data can be output for occupancy sign displays.

  • Accurate visitor counting
  • Effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Occupancy levels for Space / Full signs
  • Remote Car Park administration
  • Site to Site comparison
  • Prevent over crowding for health & safety

“Counting Vehicles entering your parking areas is a valuable tool for gathering KPI metrics.”

ANPR Systems

An ANPR system is an invaluable tool for your marketing team. It’s the only practical

way of gathering accurate data on your customer’s visits. In addition to the numbers

of vehicles entering your parking, length of stay, frequency of visits and other information

can be collected. The system can also provide additional facilities to your security team

or to relieve their work load by automating vehicle access control to staff parking etc.

  • Vehicle Entry / Exit
  • Vehicle Dwell Time
  • Frequency of visits
  • Average Stay Time Analysis
  • White Lists / Black Lists
  • Access control

“ANPR Metrics can provide management with valuable additional information about their customers.”


Tasman’s reporting system is part of its integrated data management solution which

includes collection of data from various sources in real time. Continuous monitoring

and validation of counters and collected data ensures that we deliver the most

accurate system available. The resulting count data can be fed into your existing IT

system, or we can provide a complete end to end Web based reporting solution.

  • Browser based reporting tool
  • Real-time dashboard
  • User-defined drillable reports to explore KPI metrics
  • Reports for current day, week, month & year

“Good reporting is the hearth of any data collection system. It is paramount if you want to track KPI metrics effectively.”