“Reporting is the heart of any data metrics system. It’s ease of use is the paramount to maximise the benefits of the system.”

Reporting is the main point of interaction that the customer has with the Tasman system. The information it provides allows the user to stay informed of the performance of their property or stores and make better decisions about optimising its operation.

Reporting Features

  • Customer Counting
  • Vehicle Counting
  • ANPR Reporting
  • Point Of Sale Data
  • Weather History
  • Web based or On-site reporting
  • Sales

Tailored Solution

Tasman’s reporting system is part of its integrated data management solution which includes collection from various data sources in real time via a customer network or over the Internet. ┬áThe reporting system is viewed using a standard web browser meaning that no software needs to be installed on the customer’s computer. ┬áThe data can be hosted on a server installed at the customer’s premises or on a web server accessed via the Internet.

The collected data can be exported from the database and delivered to the customer for use in another application via secure transfer means.