People Counting

“Counting the number of visitors entering your premises is the most important tool available to Retailers.”

People counting or, “footfall” as it is known in the retail industry, has been used by some retailers for many years. Initially it was mainly employed by Shopping Centres to set rents and gauge the response to advertisement campaigns etc.

Now it is widely used in all sectors of of the Retail industry and many other areas to measure financial performance and usage of facilities.

The benefits of People Counting

  • Accurate conversion ratios
  • Effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Planning staff levels
  • Store performance analysis
  • Store to Store comparison
  • Regional performance analysis

Tailored Solution

Tasman can provide a complete solution for all your counting requirements. Retail stores can be fitted with the latest state of the art overhead detection products to ensure reliable and very accurate count data is provided. Shopping centres and Outlet Centres can benefit from the same technology installed at the entrances and key traffic flow points in the malls.

Town Centres, Markets, Civic amenities & Public Parks can also be monitored by a range of products designed to provide the same reliable and accurate data.

The resulting count data can be fed into your existing IT or Epos system. Or we can provide a complete end to end Web based reporting solution.