Libraries & Museums

“In the current financial climate with many public amenities competing for limited funds its never been more important to obtain accurate visitor numbers. All of the time”

Many public amenities and visitor attractions are now expected to justify there existence when funding is tight. Manual counting is still used on many sites to count visitors. Manual Counting Solutions rarely give accurate results for extended time periods and tie up staffing resources.

A Tasman automated visitor counting system would give you accurate visitor counts all day, every day.

The benefits of counting in public buildings

  • Accurate visitor numbers
  • Effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Special event evaluation
  • Staffing levels
  • Planning opening hours

Tailored Solution

Tasman can provide a complete solution for all types of non retail visitor attractions. Libraries, Museums, Visitor Centres, Information Offices and many more sites could all benefit from a counting system. Site entrances can be monitored by accurate Thermal or Stereo cameras to give extremely accurate data on visitor numbers. If you only require general trend data we can supply a more cost effective solution where the higher level of accuracy is nor required. If your site has parking we can supply systems to count cars entering & Leaving the car parks with our proven road loop technology, or if a more detailed picture of your visitors is required we can install an ANPR system. This could provide additional information such as Length of stay, frequency of visits and where your visitors are travelling from.