Car Counting

“Counting the number of vehicles entering your parking areas is a tried and tested method of assessing a sites performance.”

Car counting is a long established technique to gather vital information of visitors to you sites. It is particularly useful on sites where it is impractical or too costly to count people entering individual stores or entrances. Retail parks are a good example of this type of site, they seldom have pedestrian entrances suitable for people counting systems. Other sites that can benefit from car counting are parks and civic amenities, recycling centres etc.

The benefits of Car Counting

  • Accurate visitor counting
  • Effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Occupancy levels for Space / Full signs
  • Remote Car Park administration
  • Site to Site comparison
  • Prevent over crowding for health & safety

Tailored Solution

Tasman can provide a complete solution for your car counting needs. We install industry standard induction loop counters in the road surface. These can be installed in the sub-base when the road is constructed or retrofitted into existing tarmac. This proven technology unlike some of the more exotic systems works in all weathers and will even work perfectly under snow and ice.

We can install car counting systems as part of a complete footfall counting solution, or as a stand alone system with remote data collection. This solution is ideal for retail parks, parks and visitor attractions where there are no manned buildings on the site.

The resulting count data can be fed into your existing IT system. Or we can provide a complete end to end Web based reporting solution.