ANPR Systems

“An ANPR system can provide management and site operators  with much additional information about their customers.”

Automatic Number Plate Recognition or ANPR, was first used for traffic monitoring, speeding violation and toll charging. It is now well established as a useful tool in car park management and for providing additional metrics for retail operators over and above just the number of visitors. Retail customers installing ANPR can also benefit from additional features including security and access control.

The benefits of an ANPR system

  • Vehicle Entry / Exit
  • Vehicle Dwell Time
  • Frequency of visits
  • Average Stay Time Analysis
  • White Lists / Black Lists
  • Access control
 Tailored system 

An ANPR system is an invaluable tool for your marketing team. It’s the only practical way of gathering accurate data on your customers visits. Shopping centres, Outlet Centres, Markets, Civic amenities & Public Parks can all be monitored to increase your knowledge of customer habits. The benefits listed above are just some of the data that is available from our systems. The installation can be stand alone or part of a full People Counting system. The system can also provide additional facilities to your security team to watch for known problem customers or to relieve their work load by automating vehicle access control to staff parking etc.