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Our History

Tasman has been involved in supplying design, installation, maintenance and support services to footfall counting companies for over 20 years. Originally an electronics design consultancy, we designed and supplied Data Loggers, Remote Data Collection units and many other products to a number counting companies. Some of which have now gone on to be major footfall counting solutions companies in the UK and abroad.

Very early on we were asked if we could help in the installation and commissioning of systems by one of these companies. This lead on to us expanding our operations. We are now able to provide a complete service to clients requiring Footfall, Car Counting, ANPR and other services in the UK and throughout Europe.

Our Progress


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Over 75% of our management team have over 20 years continuous experience in the people counting industry.
Our customers now range from high street retailers up to large chains of outlet and shopping centres operating in UK and across the World. We now provide Installation, service, maintenance, data monitoring and support services for over 15000 counter installations in 15 countries. Although we are based in UK we have local engineers in many countries.

Our Clients